Before and After Surgery


Prior to your surgery, the practice will obtain authorisation for the procedure from your medical aid - this should cover the cost of the procedure as well as the hospital visit. It is very important that you read the small print when your medical aid gives you authorisation, as this does not always guarantee payment.

Enquire as to what will be covered by your medical aid, and Dr. Mouton will provide a quotation for treatments that are not covered so there are no surprises. Please note that some procedures are extremely complex and so providing an accurate quotation isn’t possible - in these cases we will do our best to give you as much information as possible but cannot provide a quotation.

If there is ay concern regarding your fitness for surgery, Dr. Mouton will refer you for an assessment by the anaesthetist and/or a physician. Vascular patients have increased risk of complications during surgery so Dr. Mouton will only operate if necessary and if he is sure that it is safe enough to do so.


The following information should give you a guide on the procedure following your surgery:

If you have an endovascular procedure performed, you will most likely be discharged from the hospital the morning after your surgery.

Patients who are having a varicose vein procedure performed on a single leg will be able to go home on the day of the procedure, provided there are no complications.

Patients who have varicose vein procedures performed on both legs are recommended to stay in hospital overnight for their comfort as both legs will be wrapped in bandages.

All other Vascular Surgery patients will need to remain in hospital until they have satisfactorily healed and they are in a stable medical condition. Vascular surgery carries significant risks, so Dr. Mouton will monitor these patients very closely to ensure they are ready to be discharged.

In certain cases, patients will be transferred to a step down facility to recover until they are able to go home. This usually happens with patients who are slow to recover and require more hands-on care during their recovery period.

On discharge, you will be given a follow up date. This is usually between 2 and 4 weeks after your procedure and gives Dr. Mouton a change to see your progress and advise on any additional treatment you may require to manage your condition. Dr. Mouton makes use of subcutaneous sutures, so you will not need to have stitches removed after vascular surgery - they will dissolve.

There is no fee for the follow-up appointment if it occurs within 28 days after your procedure.